• Rotorua Thermal Mud & Milk with Colostrum 20g

Rotorua Thermal Mud & Milk with Colostrum 20g


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Combining the amazing benefits of Rotorua Thermal Mud and Milk with Colostrum. Rotorua Thermal Mud Mask, rich in minerals, is a great natural cleanser as it draws impurities and excess oils from your skin. Colostrum is known to stimulate cell growth, which can improve the thickness of your skin and give it that wonderful elastic feel. Cleansing & brightening.

  • How to use: Smooth a light even layer of the mud mask on damp skin avoiding the eye area.  Leave to dry.  Remove with warm water and apply a good moisturiser.
  • With: Rotorua Thermal Mud, Colostrum, Vitamin E
  • Skin type(s): Suitable for all skin types (in particular oily skin).